Growing up in Green Bay WI I found a love for realistic painting, being able to completely

duplicate life, nature, and people thrilled me. Getting older I loved developing my own images, creating stories and adventure through my art; naturally I fell into illustration. I mostly merge traditional media with Photoshop, using ink, paint, or wood burning.  I love trying new thing and adding on to my skill set, through MIAD I was able to experience silkscreen print, mono-print, hand rendered type, sewing, pattern design, and so much more. I found a love for skateboard design and have been creating custom decks since 2014. After my internship with Kohl’s on their MUDD Junior line in 2015 I found a passion for placed graphics and textile art, even developing my own line called NOMAD free the bohemian. I have a very open mind for my future and can’t wait to try new things.